IV Nutrition Therapy is a safe, powerful, and innovative method that allows the infusion of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream for the correction of intracellular nutrient deficiencies. This, in turn, supports the resolution of numerous health problems.


The key to optimizing health is different in every person. You may choose from one of our specifically formulated wellness drips or choose a more personalized approach through the doctor’s evaluation. With the help of lab work, the Doctor can determine what combination you need in order to replenish your body of depleted nutrients and target your optimal health.

Receiving IV nutritional therapy can work wonders for the body’s immune system functions, can increase energy levels, and can create an overall improvement in chronic health problems. It is also being used for rapid recovery, i.e. during chemotherapy, post-surgery, or athletic recovery.

Ultimately, IV nutritional therapy offers health enhancement benefits for most people, regardless of their health status.

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Why should you Drip with us?


Dr. Midez gave me his undivided attention and explain to me how and what I can do to become an overall healthier person. He is passionate about informing his patients on how they can better themselves and why our body is the way it is. Any question I had, he answered.

Victoria A.

Such a great doctor, he really digs on the real cause of my sickness!!

Healthgrades User

A very good and professional doctor.

Healthgrades User

I highly recommend Dr. Jaime Midez. Great doctor, I would surely visit again 🙂

Healthgrades User