The Institute of Regenerative Medicine was founded by Dr. Jaime Midez, Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine physician. It was created from a deep sense of respect for the human being, and a belief that disease is a continuum of repeat events that, along the years, overwhelm our natural capacity to repair tissues and correct abnormalities. With the principal that every human being has genetic predispositions toward certain conditions, at the Institute of Regenerative Medicine we utilize modern laboratory techniques to detect predisposing conditions. This is Preventive Medicine. If the condition is already established, we address the root cause, rather than simply treating symptoms.

Taking a comprehensive approach, the Institute of Regenerative Medicine is dedicated to overall prevention, as well as regeneration of the body’s healing systems.

“Our job does not finish with the diagnosis of a disease. In fact, it’s the beginning of a path toward identifying the root cause of the disease. Looking for root causes of diseases will allow us to establish a solid plan of care in each patient.” Dr. Jaime Midez

As such, therapies are individually and thoroughly tailored to each patient with the end-goal of eliminating the real culprit of their maladies. This is part of our mission and values.

Dr. Jaime Midez